How to avoid bursting during use of infrared heating element?

- Nov 18, 2020-

How to avoid bursting during use of infrared heating element?


Infrared heating element will burst due to improper use during use, which will cause a replacement of a component or even a fire, causing huge economic losses. How to prevent and avoid pipe bursts during use, I will share with you.


Reason for tube burst: improper use


1. Some customer mixes infrared heating element. If the electric heating element originally designed for mold heating is directly used for air dry burning, or the electric heating element used for liquid heating is used for air dry burning, it will cause tube bursting;


2. The infrared heating element is damaged by external impact or accidental impact during use;


3. When the infrared heating element heats water or heat-conducting oil and other media, there are many impurities in the medium, and the formation of scale or carbon deposits is faster. If the customer does not clean the surface of the tube for a long time, the pollution on the surface of the tube becomes thicker and thicker, resulting in the electric heating tube The surface temperature cannot be dissipated in time, the heat accumulates, and the internal temperature is too high, resulting in the phenomenon of tube cracking;


4. There is no temperature control on the infrared heating element, which makes it work at the limit allowable temperature for a long time;


5. The connection method is wrong, it should be star connection but delta connection.


Let me share with you the precautions for using infrared heating element:


1. Heating element operating temperature: The heating element operating temperature of 200 needs special instructions, and the wire is different from 200 as the boundary, and it is not suitable for equipment with a temperature higher than 500;


2. Heating element installation angle: the heating element should be installed vertically or horizontally;


3. Heating element installation distance: 20mm between two element;


4. The distance between the heating element and the product: the distance between the heated object and the heating element is 20mm-300mm;


5. Heating element use environment: the use environment needs to be clean, try to avoid contact with oil/water/dust, if the equipment is installed with large vibration, it is necessary to prepare the heating element shock absorption facilities;


6. Heating element installation method: Quartz heating tube is a fragile product. It is recommended to use the special installation clip provided by the manufacturer to install it. When installing, it should be handled gently to reduce human damage;