Drinking water revolution brought by thick film heating

- Jul 06, 2020-

With the progress of technology, a variety of drinking water products on the market continue to enrich and change people's drinking way. It may take about 3-5 minutes to boil a certain amount of water from the initial resistance wire heating tube, fast heating, induction cooker, and traditional water dispenser. Followed by the heating of quartz duct, although it has brought about a substantial increase in speed, it also has the disadvantages of fast power attenuation and short service life. Until now, the thick film heating mode has made drinking water directly enter the era of instant hot drinking, bringing unexpected convenience and enjoyment to life.

Stainless steel thick film heating technology is a new type of heating technology mainly developed by DuPont company in the United States and holly's company in Germany in the late 1990s. It uses electronic paste on stainless steel substrate, prints and sinters insulating medium, conductor circuit, resistance circuit and protective layer on stainless steel substrate through screen printing, so as to obtain a new type of high power Heating element.

Compared with the traditional heating method, it has more advantages

First, it is safer. The water and electricity are completely separated during the heating process, so it is safer.

Second, it has faster temperature rising speed than 80 ℃ / s-150 ℃ / s, fast heat transfer, large heat exchange area and adjustable power density.

Third, it is smaller, smaller and more convenient for the whole machine structure. Even if the barrel is heated, there is no heating blind area.

Fourth, more efficient, pure resistance heating, heat exchange greater than or equal to 98%

Fifth, it is more durable and has a service life of 6000 hours or more