Common problems of die casting aluminum heater

- Dec 30, 2020-

Common problems of die casting aluminum heater

1. To deal with the leakage of electricity, confirm the leakage point. If it is the electric heating tube itself, you can use the oven to bake it. If the insulation resistance cannot be increased, then replace the electric heating tube. For example, use a hot air gun to dry the junction box. Wrap the wire with adhesive tape or exchange the wire.

2. If the cast aluminum heater does not heat, the internal wire of the electric heating tube is broken and can only be replaced if it cannot be repaired; if the circuit or discussion is broken or loose, reconnect it.

3. To deal with the broken or broken electric heating tube, only replacement is needed.

Advantages of cast aluminum heater: It occupies a small area, and has significant advantages over the deployment of equipment such as boiler heating in terms of placement, operation, conditions, labor, and maintenance.

220V-Industrial-Electric-Aluminum-Heating-Plate-Die (2)

After helping the cast-aluminum heater to be installed, it is combined with the intermediate air-conditioning system to form a united group. Before the intermediate air-conditioning system works, the circulating water can be heated first to increase the temperature of the water. During and before the air-conditioning system works, Increasing the heating and working results of the air-conditioning system, which leads to the best obedience of the air-conditioning system.