Application of liquid silica gel on PTC ceramic heater

- Dec 18, 2020-

Application of liquid silica gel on PTC ceramic heater


As a safe and reliable heating method, PTC ceramic heaters have been widely used in household appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, and clothes dryers. Especially in the field of auxiliary heating for air conditioning, PTC ceramic heaters have been developed.

The performance of the heater depends on the perfect structural design, high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing technology. Among them, the selection of materials is crucial. Among all materials, the quality of PTC components and silica gel determines the heater's withstand voltage (breakdown) and aging (power attenuation) performance.

In the anti-aging (power attenuation) function of the heater, silica gel and PTC components bear a very large "responsibility". In the selection of materials, in addition to the selection of materials for PTC components, silicone rubber should have good high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity, which is an important condition for ensuring high performance and high reliability of the PTC heater.