Jaye focus on the quality control for the heating elements and thermal products we make, and on each process step we will the high strict quality testing and control. So We full sets of the testing for all of our heater, heating elements and thermal products. Jaye never let any of the defective heaters or thermal products get out of our factory. 

Life test: JAYE carries out electrical safety performance test on our heaters according to safety regulations or customer requirements. This test mainly studies the conductive characteristics of the product under high voltage, investigates the change characteristics of relevant electrical parameters, so as to determine whether the product has fault; the insulation strength test of the product under the specified voltage is carried out to evaluate the insulation level of the product, find out the absolute defect of the tested product, and measure the overvoltage capacity of the product; the focus of this test is to test the product under high voltage after heating In order to determine whether the product is damaged or not.

Leakage test: carry out electrical safety performance test for heater according to safety regulations or user requirements, and check the maximum current of the product passing through the insulator when electrified.

Thermal imaging: check the surface temperature of aircraft heater, check the temperature uniformity, maximum temperature point, minimum temperature point, temperature difference, etc., so as to guide the design and design of products within the reliable life range.

Multi channel data acquisition: the electric heater works under the rated voltage, tests the changes of heater power, current and temperature, outputs different data through the change of voltage, air volume or working environment, and finally forms the data description curve. It can clearly understand the power and temperature changes of the product under specific working conditions, and can guide the design, so as to make the product design reliable The extreme parameter design is avoided within the life range of product design, and the analysis method of product design life inference is used.

Low temperature test: according to safety regulations or customer requirements, check the electrical strength and insulation resistance of the product under extreme temperature and humidity to meet the test requirements. This test can simulate - 40C test to ensure the performance of the product in special environment.

Temperature test of temperature controller: test the temperature point of temperature protection controller, and check whether the disconnection temperature and reset temperature of temperature controller meet the standard.

Vibration test: after the heater vibrates for a certain amplitude and frequency in the specified direction for a period of time, the electrical safety performance test shall be conducted to evaluate the anti vibration ability of the product in the expected service environment. The test shall be conducted on the object or model subject to vibration.

Simulated air duct test: according to the customer's requirements, the life test of heater without air and ventilation is carried out, and whether the simulated products can still meet the requirements in the whole life cycle of customers. Through this test, we can further clarify the main failure mechanism leading to product failure, and provide the basis for reliability design, reliability prediction, improving the quality of new products, and determining reasonable screening and batch test conditions.

Salt spray test: test the salt spray corrosion resistance of heater, check the salt spray corrosion resistance quality of products or metal materials, and ensure that the products or metal materials meet customer requirements. If the customer has no special requirements, the company's internal standard 96 hour neutral salt spray test will be adopted.

Jaye engaged to make the most suitble heaters, heating elements and thermal products for our customers from all over the world. all of our products and meet the internation and national electrical requirements. we only provide the high quality heating elements and thermal products with the high material grade as well the high strict quality control management, you can just use our products confidently.