Fiberglass Insulated High Temperature Silicone Heater

Fiberglass-Insulated High Temperature silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability and higher temperature resistence without sacrificing flexibility.Compare with normal Silicone rubber heater, the Fiberglass-insulated silicone rubber heater made by Jaye industry have higher quality performance, higher temperature resistance, more stability, higher heating transfer rate, more even of heating, and long life time service more than twenty years.
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Fiberglass Insulated High Temperature Silicone Heater

Fiberglass-insulated High Temperature silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability and higher temperature resistence without sacrificing flexibility. Wide range of options for the Silicone rubber Heaters made by Jaye industry can provide for customers to ensure that the desired performance characteristics are met. For example: with or without Thermostats, thermistors, specialty lead wire configurations, insulating foam layering, dual-voltage output, registration holes and cutouts are just a few of the ways to choose. Jaye industry can customize all Types of silicone heaters to meet your specific needs.


Features of Fiberglass-insulated Silicone Rubber Heaters:

1. Fast heating with a coefficient of heat conductivity of only 1W/m.k. Due to its small thermal capacity, prompt turn on/off can be achieved.

2. High thermal efficiency: The temperature of electric heating film itself is only tens of centidegrees higher than that of the liquid when heating, which is 2-3 times energy saving than ordinary electric stoves.

3. Water, acid and alkali resistance, high-strength of electric insulation.

4. High mechanical strength with 100kg/cm² mechanical pressure.

5. Small size: Small space occupied when applying this heating product.

6. Easy application: Its self-insulation and free-of-open-fire property greatly help simplify the techniques of heat preservation and thermal insulation.

7. Its wide range of temperature,-60°C~250°C, can not be simply achieved by other electrical appliances.

8. Long service time: Under normal use, the product almost can be permanently and continuously used because nickel and chrome materials are durable to any corrosion, and the silastic has a high surface resistance up to 100kg/cm², which is uncomparable for any other electric heaters.

9. Made in any size, the temperature of the product can be precisely adjusted by temperature controller.

To order, please specify:


1-The Type of silicone heater

2-The Size of the silicone heater

3-Voltage and Watt

4- If with thermostat or thermocouple.

5-Lead wire requirements and length

6-Quantity of the silicone heater.

7-Any specific requirements can be customized.


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