Structural Principle Of Ring-shaped Ceramic Electric Heater With Fast Heat Transfer And Good Insulation

- Sep 19, 2019-

Ceramic electric heaters, such as ring and plate, have reliable working life, long life, sturdy and durable, and save energy. They have the advantages of convenient installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and no restrictions on model and size. According to the wiring method required by the user, the voltage is from 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V, and the highest power load is 6.5W per square. Compared with traditional electric heaters, the energy consumption can be reduced.

Ceramic heaters are suitable for electric heating products such as electric splints, hair curlers, irons, electric irons, hair dryers, dryers, steamers, heaters, warm water toilet seats, medical equipment, etc. for straight hair. The ceramic heater has the advantages of convenient installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and production is not restricted by models and specifications. The material is divided into ceramic heating elements as thermistors, which are composed of PTC ceramic heating elements and aluminum tubes.

It has the advantages of small thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an automatic constant temperature and power saving electric heater. Structural principle: PTC ceramic heating element is a kind of positive temperature coefficient self-controlling ceramic heating element sintered at high temperature. Main advantages: The surface temperature of the PTC ceramic heating element can be controlled automatically and constant to prevent dry burning. The main disadvantages: The surface of the PTC ceramic heating element itself is charged and needs to be surface insulated to be installed in a special heat dissipation component, which increases assembly costs.

The product and the object to be heated are subject to heat loss during the indirect heating process, leading to a decrease in thermal efficiency; PTC ceramic heating element heating will gradually decline in power as the working time increases; the product contains lead that does not meet environmental protection requirements. The ceramic heating element uses alumina ceramic, which is a new type of high-efficiency environmental protection and energy-saving ceramic heating element. It has built-in electric heating wire. Compared with PTC ceramic heating element, it can save 20 ~ 30% electricity under the same heating effect.