The use of silicone heating belt can solve the problem of freezing blockage of solar water heater pipes in winter

- May 18, 2020-

Nowadays, many users start to choose domestic heating cables. Of course, we also remind the majority of users to choose qualified manufacturers. From the perspective of market demand, the application field of silicone heating belt is also very wide. Not only can be used in civil fields, such as: solar pipeline electrical heat tracing insulation, roof snow melting ice and ice thermal tracing; can also be used in industrial fields, such as: chemical pipeline / tank insulation, instrument valve insulation; in addition to construction , Fire protection, freezing and other fields.

HTB1MGRZMFXXXXaGXXXXq6xXFXXXISolar enterprises are facing transformation problems. During the transformation period, solar water heaters produced by solar energy enterprises have caused a series of problems. The main problem is the anti-freezing problem of solar water pipes in winter. The antifreeze problem of solar water heater pipes has always been a problem that plagues solar manufacturers, and it is also a factor in the contradiction between solar manufacturers and customers. The silicone heating belt can solve the problem of freezing and blocking of solar water heater pipes in winter, so that solar water heaters do not "strike" in winter, reducing the transformation pressure of solar water heater enterprises.
The silicone heating belt is easy to use and install. The installation time is about 30 minutes. You can turn on the power when you use it. After the installation is complete, it is basically maintenance-free. The service life is 3 times that of traditional solar heating cables. Less, ready to use, is a small helper for solar water heater pipes in winter.