Structure and principle of microwave oven timer and power regulator

- Mar 23, 2020-

A general microwave oven is a combination form driven by the same motor, referred to as a timing power regulator. The timer is mainly composed of miniature synchronous motor and deceleration gear. Components and timing linkage switch composition. As a result of its linkage switch series connected in the microwave oven power circuit, so most of the timer doubles as the power start switch, of course, other than the start switch microwave oven. When the operator dials the timing button to set the timing between, the time switch is switched on, the microwave oven power and start to work, while the timer motor rotation. When the timer time arrives, the switch is disconnected and the microwave oven stops working. Many timing switches also emit a sound when they are disconnected, A ringing bell to remind people to heat up the work done. The power regulator, also known as the fire regulator, is actually a time round to find. The function of the switch is to switch on and off the power supply of the magnetron periodically during the operation of the microwave oven to make the magnetron regular intermittent work, namely working time and resting time have certain proportion relation, change this proportion, make touch control tube in microwave oven The working time in the whole heating period can be changed accordingly, thus playing the role of adjusting the microwave output power. Power regulation.

The device is also driven by the same motor used in the timer. In practice, when the power value is set, the power regulator controls the power work for a period of time to rest for a period of time, and according to a certain cycle does not cycle this process, until the end of the microwave oven.

Here, it is assumed that the working time of the collision control tube in a cycle is 1 and the rest time is 2, then a language cycle T=tlt2, it is clear how the power regulator controls the microwave output power. There's a lot of emphasis on the value of the cycle period, from the heating point of view

Consider to take short some good, but too short will make the power regulator switch frequent action, affect the magnetron work stability and service life. tong the T of the constant mechanical power regulator is about 30s, which is proved to be ideal in practice. When T=30s, if set forward control work like this time 1 is 6, 12, 15, 24 and 30s respectively, so the microwave output power corresponding to 6s is the heat preservation power, which is the amount of the furnace. Fixed microwave output power P of 20% of the power, also known as warm fire. The corresponding 12s is the thawing power (40%Po, also known as low power rate or low fire); medium power (50%Po, also known as medium fire) corresponding to 15s; medium and high power (80%Po) corresponding to 24s medium-high fire) and high power (100%Po, also known as high fire or full power) corresponding to 30s. Most ordinary microwave ovens are equipped with such the power of the gear (gear) adjustment gear, of course, the power of the gear set value may be different. A few microwave ovens have more power blocks.