How to repair ceramic electric heating band

- Nov 18, 2020-

How to repair ceramic electric heating band


1. The ceramic heating band is damaged;

Solution: Turn off the power first, remove the wires of the ceramic heating band, use a multimeter to check whether the ceramic heating band is burned out, replace it immediately, and solve the problem.

2. No strong current output;

Solution: Check the strong electricity used by the ceramic heating band and check with a multimeter. The general problem is that the heating switch is tripped or burned out, and the trip is turned off and then pushed up again. If it breaks, turn off the power and replace it to solve the problem.

3. The ceramic heating ring contactor burns out

Solution: First, check whether the control power supply of the ceramic heating band contactor is powered or not. If it is powered or not, it is the ceramic heating band. It is a contactor problem. Check if the contact is loose. After loosening the power, use a screwdriver to tighten the connector and connector. The problem, if the ceramic heating coil contactor is broken, it can be replaced. Note that each line should be marked to prevent it from being unclear.

4. The ceramic heating coil contactor has no control power supply;

Solution: If the control power supply has no power, it is often the computer board that there is no output power. There are basically two problems. The overload protection cable is burned, the output point is burned, and the temperature fuse is burned. Changing the current fuse can solve the problem, but any output If the point is broken, it can be solved with a spare output or a repair board.

 5. The ceramic heating coil circuit is broken.

Solution: Check the circuit section by section with a multimeter, find the broken section of the ceramic heating coil and replace or reconnect it.