Epoxy Resin for Electric Heating Tube Sealing Material

- Jun 04, 2020-

According to the basic requirements of the electric heating tube for the sealing material, epoxy resin is a material that meets the sealing of the electric heating tube.


The formulation and process of using epoxy resin as the sealing material for electric heating tubes are not exactly the same. There are basically two types.


One is the heating and pressure process. Using 634# epoxy resin and m-phenylenediamine, mixed according to the weight ratio of 5:2, the combined mixture is filled, sealed with natural mica tablets, and dried for 4 hours at a pressure of 20kgf/cm2 and a temperature of 120 degrees And shaped.


The other is a non-pressurized heating process, which can use 6207 epoxy resin and maleic anhydride as a hardener. The resulting sealing material can be used for a long time in a 250-degree working environment.


Using epoxy resin as the sealing material, its temperature resistance is generally only about 150 degrees.