The Heating Elements made by Jaye Industry are widely used in Various industrial machinery and Equipment. Such as: Packaging Machinery, Plastic and rubber Process Machinery, Mold die and platen heating, Heat Sealing Equipment, Nozzles of Injection molding machines, Extruders, etc. There are wide range of Heating elements made by Jaye Industry used in the industrial machinery and Equipment, for example: Cartridge heater, Band heater, silicone rubber heater, finned tubular heater, Flange immersion heating elements, Hot runner spring heater, Flat tubular heating elements, Mica heater and ceramic heater, etc. The Heating Elements made by Jaye industry own the advantage of high heating transfer efficiency, rapid heating, durable and stable, high quality performance and long life time. The best heating elements solutions for the industrial machinery and equipment are all in Jaye industry.