Agriculture and Horticulture(001)Biomedical(001)Consumer Goods(001)

Agriculture and Horticulture

Electric heating is a heating method that converts electrical current into thermal energy through a conductor with high resistance to heat air or soil.


In the Incubators, Blood Analyzers, Fluid Warming, Diagnostic Equipment of biomedical, during the experiments and large cale production process,

Consumer Goods

The heating elements made by Jaye Industry are also widely used in the field of consumer goods, Such as the car seat warming, Clothing (boots, gloves, vests) heating, Pet heating mat, etc.

Electronic and Semiconductor(001)Food Service Equipment(001)Home Appliance(001)

Electronics and Semiconductor

In the industry of electronic and semiconductor, thermal control are critical important. Jaye industry have deep understanding on the thermal heating solution for the electric and semiconductor industry and engage in making and offering our best solution of heating elements and thermal control for the customers in the field of electronic and semiconductor.

Food Service Equipments

The heating elements made by Jaye Industry not only used on the home kitchen food service equipment, but also for the commercial food service equipments. Such as the Electric Oil Fryer, Commercial Electric Stove, Grill and Toasters, Warming Cabinets, Warewashers, Electric Ovens, etc.

Domestic Home Appliance

Electric heating elements are widely used in home appliances, and are the core and most important parts of many home appliances. Their reliability and performance indicators have a significant impact on the whole product.

Industrial machinery and equipment(001)Military IndustryNew Energy
Industrial Machinery & Equipment

The Heating Elements made by Jaye Industry are widely used in Various industrial machinery and Equipment. Such as: Packaging Machinery, Plastic and rubber Process Machinery, Mold die and platen heating, Heat Sealing Equipment, Nozzles of Injection molding machines, Extruders, etc.

Military Industry

The high-tech electric heating elements made by Jaye Industry meet the high military quality system requirements because of its high quality control system for all aspect of heating elements production, from the high grade raw materials: the high grade MGO powder, High grade pipes, high quality resistance heating wires, fitting and other spare parts.

New Energy

The Heating elements made by Jaye Industry is an electric heating element with electricity as new energy, have the features of Small size, large surface thermal load, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating speed, uniform and gradable self-control of temperature field, excellent thermal conductivity, strong thermal shock resistance,

Petrochemical Field(001)Printing FieldTransport(001)

Petrochemical Field

The oil tank electric tubular heating element is a new type of environmentally friendly thermal energy conversion electric heating element. The electric heating tube generates heat and the thermal energy is transmitted to the oil temperature rise.

Printing Field

The heating elements made by Jaye industry are widely used on the field of printing, they are mainly used on the application of the printing equipment, such as the electric heating steam generator for the textile printing and dyeing industry, Heat transfer machines, Printing Machines.


Wide range of heating elements are needed in the transportation tools. Jaye industry make and supply the heating elements for the application of the transportation. For examples, the PTC heating elements used for the car and train, Flat heating elements for Snowmelt on railroad tracks,